“It takes a very long time to become young.” ― Pablo Picasso

English: Sunflower

One of the best ways in which we may lift our children up in this life is to show them that the world is beautiful. We may show them shells and sunflowers, lazy days and wild adventures, delightful foods and sounds and sights to see. We may show them love and respect for self and others too. If we hope for them to go out into the world and do something profound (whether that means living a simple and happy life or making a grand discovery), they must first see the world as a safe place. And the world is a very good and beautiful place. If our children have this opportunity early in life then one day when they witness the things that may not be so good, they will know what is out of place and this will be powerful knowledge in their grasp. This is not an original thought but one that I have come to use as a valuable guide  for deciding how to present the world to my children. And for me, oh what peace I have found in the hours of digging my own fingers into sand and dangling seaweed on sticks, the endless driveway chalk drawing, dough mixing and long bedtime gratitudes. I think I may benefit most of all.


4 thoughts on ““It takes a very long time to become young.” ― Pablo Picasso

  1. Jenny

    Great advice! I often find that the time I spend enjoying the simple things with my nieces and nephews is so rewarding! It also makes me S-L-O-W down a little which is a nice change in a hectic, fast paced world.

    1. meghannathanson Post author

      Thank you for the great feedback Jenny!! It does feel so good when we *allow ourselves* to slow down and just be with the little ones without regard for the normal expectations of this fast-paced world …. lots of love to you my friend. xoxoxo


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