A Mother’s Morning Meditation

Tree WomanI have a vision. I have a vision of Mothers around the globe beginning their days in peace. I have a vision of our children experiencing a gentle calm surrounding them as they venture out into this too-fast world. I have a vision of each of us—myself included—growing in our capacity to experience an inner spaciousness that will inform our choices, our tones of voice, our inner resonance. I have a vision of truly living the proclamation that real peace begins at home. May this “Mother’s Morning Meditation” assist us all in connecting with our truest essence as we begin our days and may that essence spill forth upon our children. May we all shed our worries about all that has to be done, our urgency about the ticking clock and break open our anxious hearts instead with the beauty of present moment awareness. Notice intently the sleepy morning stretches. Notice the sticky breakfast fingers. Notice the snail-paced pulling on of socks. Notice and rejoice.

A Mother’s Morning Meditation

Good morning, dear Mothers. Today is a new day and all is well. All is well. As I enter this day, I center myself with a deep, stilling breath. And then another. I sit in the emptiness and experience myself, the light in me. I greet myself with a smile and acknowledge all that I am and all that I give. With eyes closed, I breath deeply again noticing the many spaces within my being. I notice the places that I experience as too-full. I notice the places that feel clear. I notice the places that feel in need of nurturing. With this noticing, I allow the energy within me to begin circulating, first slowly, then with increased power finding all of the places that need emptying, discovering all of the places that need filling and then slowly, so perfectly bringing the energy inside of me into complete balance. I breathe deeply again now experiencing  the steady rhythm of all that is happening inside of my mind, of all that is happening inside of my chest and all around the rest of my beautiful being. I am grateful and know that I may bring myself to balance again and again throughout my day. In this moment, I imagine my body as a sturdy and flowing tree. Through the soles of my feet, healthy, winding roots begin making their way into the earth grounding me into my perfect balance. Through the crown of my head I grow tall and expansive. I am both strong and fluid. I release this image and come back now into my heart center and feel expansive with love. Here I am. And here is my day before me. I have things to do and places to be. I have children who need me. And others, too. Breathing deeply I know that I will find a pace for my words and actions that allows me to meet each moment in my day with grace and presence. I know that my life has meaning, sometimes even in the smallest of actions.  I know that I have time. There is plenty of time. I will cultivate this feeling of expansive space in my home today and treat my children with gentleness. I will hear their words. I will smile at them and invite their thoughts into my heart. All that they are will be safe and respected with me. As I come to the end of this quiet moment I take another healing breath and see myself with the same love that I feel for my children. The love I will share with my children today showers me, as well. I feel peace. I feel energized for the day to come. I feel alive and ready to give.


Listen and be guided in A Mother’s Morning Meditation by Meghan Nathanson:


10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Morning Meditation

  1. meghannathanson Post author

    You are so welcome, Joanna. I just want to be sure you know that there is a link to listen as well ….

    1. meghannathanson Post author

      Kevin — Thank you so much for being in touch and for passing this my site along to your wife and sister-in-law. Although my blog is titled Mindful Mothering I hope to reach both mothers and fathers alike whenever I can. All my very best to you and your family, Meghan

    1. meghannathanson Post author

      Dear Hillary …. I am so happy to hear that!! I hope that it will fill you up again and again. One day, I hope to compile a cd or podcast of these meditations to make for easier listening. Love, Meghan

    1. meghannathanson Post author

      Dear Rachel … thank YOU so much for your continued encouragement for my work. I consider you such an inspiration and knowing that I might lift you up in some way is very moving to me. Sending much love, Meghan

  2. Deb

    Hello Meghan,
    I found you a while ago–your writing connects to my soul. When I listen to your meditations my days are filled with greater peace and joy. I was having a hard start to the day yesterday but after listening to your words, I committed to begin again and the entire day was full of calm.
    Thank you. Thank you.

    1. meghannathanson Post author

      Dear Deb … your message touches me so deeply. Thank YOU for joining me on this journey and being willing to, “start again.” I am so grateful to be able to share this writing and hear from dedicated mothers like you. Sending lots of love and continued calm your way, Meghan


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